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StockLine Machines
The eagerly awaited Ennor oil bath bearing system is now available. Production units are now in stock for the 32 Series 12.7 range of machines. Units to suit the 28 Series, 28 Series Contractor and 32 Series 9.0 ranges are soon to follow.

Customer members area to give owners unparalleled convenience.

Call for the best price on Genuine Ennor replacement discs.


Customer members area

In keeping with our policy of offering industry leading after sales service, we are about to release our customer members area.

This service will be available to new, existing or used machine owners.

The members area will allow the owner of a machine to log in, access all information (including manuals/drawings) on their machine/s, update their information, check the price and order parts only pertaining to their machine.

Even though we have a range larger than anywhere in the World (over 500 base models with thousands of variants), this new system will simplify ordering parts to a whole new level.

There will be a new link that will appear shortly on our website, a customer will be able to fill in their details which will be verified by one of our team, then once linked to your machine you can access at your convenience.