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The eagerly awaited Ennor oil bath bearing system is now available. Production units are now in stock for the 32 Series 12.7 range of machines. Units to suit the 28 Series, 28 Series Contractor and 32 Series 9.0 ranges are soon to follow.
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The new assembly manufactured by Ennor Engineering in Australia from billet steel and feature tapered roller bearings running in an oil-bath with Duo-Cone seals.
New Okuma Multus B400II W Multi-Tasking machine


New CNC Multi-Tasking Machine

Ennor Engineering have recently taken delivery of an Okuma Multus B400II W Multi-Tasking machine

This purchase will allow faster development of new products unique to Ennor in Australia and shorter leadtimes of our oil-bath bearing systems. This aquisition cements our commitment to manufacturing and development in Australia when others opt for selling imported low quality parts and machines from countries with labour costs per day less than an average person in Australia receives per hour.

The machine is equiped with a 30Kw main spindle, a 22Kw sub (W) spindle and a 14Kw high torque Milling spindle. The machine is also equiped with 0.01 micron Abso-Scales, coolant temperature control and in process measuring for high accuracy machining. Also the machine is fitted with a 15" chuck on the main spindle and a 12" chuck on the W spindle and Capto C6 on the milling spindle.

The multi-Tasking machine allows complete machining of a part in a single set-up, the part goes in as a raw piece and comes out finished, including turning/milling/drilling/tapping operations. This eliminates loading errors as the machine changes from each operation itself. The machine also saves long set-up times which allows shorter runs of complex parts.   

Ennor Engineering has extensive experience in high end CNC machining, from 2 axis lathes through to 5 axis machining centres and multi-tasking machines. Our climate controlled CNC facility is state of the art, often not found even in major cities in Australia.