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The eagerly awaited Ennor oil bath bearing system is now available. Production units are now in stock for the 32 Series 12.7 range of machines. Units to suit the 28 Series, 28 Series Contractor and 32 Series 9.0 ranges are soon to follow.
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The new assembly manufactured by Ennor Engineering in Australia from billet steel and feature tapered roller bearings running in an oil-bath with Duo-Cone seals.
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***Oil Bath Bearings released***

With the success of the 36/40 Series oil bath bearing system, Ennor Engineering has been developing tapered roller oil bath bearing systems to fit 28 Series, 28 Series Contractor, 32 Series & 32 Series Contractor ranges of machines.

This exciting development is nearing completion with the first production examples expected in the comming months. This will be the only Australian designed & manufactured oil bath system available on a production built machine.

The systems feature duo-cone seals for the ultimate reliabilty & large diameter tapered roller bearings.

The bearing housing is the usual high quality billet steel housing manufactured in house, in our climate controlled facility, on state of the art CNC machinery.

Our system features bearings set in a back to back design which has the ability to cope with tilting loads. This is the superior design and not seen on other oil bath systems available, rather they opt for face to face arrangement which is simpler & cheaper to produce. This not only reduces the bearings capacity, but reduces the life span of the duo-cone seals due to more flexiblity in the bearing system.

The new systems will also be available to retrofit to existing machines.