Disc Banker

The disc banker was the first disc implement to be designed/produced by Ian Ennor and to leave the ENNOR factory, and for many years made the ENNOR brand recognised.

The disc banker has gone through an ever-changing development as tractor horsepower has increased from the original 70hp used on early designs. Ennor Engineering has produced more disc banking machines than any other manufacturer, and the brand has more experience than any other manufacturer in developing new designs to accommodate new requirements.

ENNOR Disc bankers ceased production in 2007 due to the prolonged drought and the political resistance for Australian farmers to grow the most common staple diet in the World (rice).

Due to more recent interest we have been developing a totally new design to suit the modern 250+hp tractors. In intervening years of the drought there have been some "imitations" emerge, these have been based on cheap components imported from third world countries. Unfortunately all imitations often do overlook basic critical elements of design, which is a result from the "copier" not understanding the basic concept of the machine and where it has been developed from,    this leads to a design which is flawed and will often cost the owner in not only long term structural reliability but also re-sale.

The new line-up will feature:

28 Series
32 Series
36 Series

Features will be:

9mm frame (28 Series)
12.5mm frame (32 Series, 36 Series)
16mm frame (option for 32 or 36 Series)

Options of bearing system: (all Australian made)

Greasable with relief