32 Series 9.0


The first 32 series 9.0 machine was produced in 2010. This range was re-introduced after receiving many inquiries for a 32” disc machine with less weight than the 32 Series 12.7 range. These machines have been based on the original 32 Series design from 1997 which were developed for deep tillage applications required by such crops as sugar cane, cotton or corn. They can also be used in Broadacre cereal cropping, or other irrigation crops.

These machines have the advantage of being able to operate when machines with smaller discs would have stopped. They can penetrate into harder conditions, as well as continue operation in high moisture levels and deep tillage when the 28 series machines would be outside their operating window.

 The gang angle and overall design of the machine has been optimised to require the minimum amount of horsepower to perform the job at hand, whilst also self sharpening the discs and achieving the required depth and tilth of the soil.  



   Features of these machines include:

  1. 200 x 100 x 9mm RHS frame
  2. 1 1/2" (38.1mm) Square Stationary Gang axle
  3. Optional Quick-change bearing system (allows bearing replacement without disassembly of disc unit)
  4. Optional Oil-bath bearing system
  5. 32” Discs, 10mm front & 8mm + 6mm backing disc rear
  6. Discs are manufactured from Boron Steel and hardened to 48-52 HRC for maximum wear and toughness
  7. Bearing Housings machined to close tolerances on CNC machinery from billet steel
  8. Bearings can be sealed or re-greasable, these are protected against foreign objects and feature additional seals
  9. Available in standard sizes from 11.65’ to 41.51’ (3.55m to 12.65m)
  10. Average weight 1,340kg/ metre of cut (900 Lbs/foot of cut), 175kg (385Lbs) /disc

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