Heaviest frame sections available are utilised

All Ennor products incorporate the heaviest frame sections in the industry. Machines are built from 9mm, 12.5mm and 16mm RHS frame sections. The longevity of the machine is increased with a heavier wall thickness which is why we opt for these heavy wall sections. Thick frame sections allow continuity of strength between the welded joints of components and the parent metal of the frame.  




Accurate depth control

All Ennor Tandem disc ploughs feature a positive depth control. Most manufacturers opt for simpler and cheaper systems such as phasing hydraulic cylinders which do not have the accuracy of a mechanical depth control. All machines are floated on the tyres which not only controls the depth but horsepower usage, which in turn allows the operator to maximise the cutting width for the given horsepower.


Bearing housing machined from billet steel

All bearing housings are machined from high quality billett steel. This not only guarantees strength but also aides in accuracy of the part and consistent growth rate between the bearing and the housing, the bearing will have consistant fit regardless of temperature change. 



Stationary gang axles

All of the Ennor ranges feature stationary gang axles. This system has several advantages over the common rotating axles found all over the world. The stationary axle reduces bending loads on the axle to a minimum and consequently stationary axles are virtually unbreakable. Stationary axles do not have alignment issues as suffered with the rotating designs. Stationary axle bearing systems (because they are floating) also have the ability to allow for flex in the gang system without directly affecting the bearing.
The stationary axle also has a major advantage when it comes to servicing, they are far easier to assemble and achieve the correct torque on the gang bolts when compared to a rotating axle design.



Gang axles manufactured from Bright steel

Ennor Engineering only use Quality Bright steel for our gang axles. This ensures an accurate surface for the bearing to locate on as well as a guarenteed fit in the frame.



Accurate tracking

Ennor machines have been developed for accurate tracking, ideally suited to tractors fitted with GPS steering systems.  The majority of machines on the market do not have the design or adjustments available to acheive accuracy in tracking. 

Sealed, Re-greasable or Re-greasable gang bearings with pressure relief system 

As part of the standard ranges we offer disc gang bearing systems with either sealed re-greasable or re-greasable with pressure relief.  


Oil-Bath bearing option

Since 2005 Ennor Engineering has offered oil-bath gang bearing systems, after many years of development. Ennor Engineering is the only Australian manufacturer to offer an oil-bath system designed and manufactured in Australia, for production built machines. Our oil-bath systems have proven to run for thousands of hours of maintenance free service.


Highest Re-Sale in the Industry

Owners of Ennor machines enjoy not only great performance from their machines but also the highest re-sale of any brand on the market today. A machine less than 10 years of age re-fitted with original discs and bearings on average sells for 70-75% of new replacement price. This means machines purchased 10 years ago are selling for more than the original cost of the machine. This fact alone is proof the structural integrity and reliability of the Ennor machines is such that used buyers are happy to purchase pre-owned Ennor machines at a much higher level to any other disc brand. Ennor machines are the only piece of agricultural equipment you can purchase, use and re-sell for either your purchase price or more!