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Ennor Engineering are manufacturers of high quality Tandem disc ploughs, also commonly refered to as offset discs or disc harrows.

The philosophy of Ennor Engineering is to provide our customers with the most suitable equipment for their particular task while maintaining excellent value for money. This is best achieved by keeping this concept in mind throughout the processes of design, production, sales, delivery and after sales service. The very high customer satisfaction rates we have achieved are the testimony of our commitment to this ideal. This level of satisfaction is the incentive we have to continue building better products. In short we are proud of what we do and our greatest reward is when, in ten years time, you say 'we made the right choice'.

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Ennor Specific Features and Benefits

Take a closer look at the components and features that set Ennor disc implements apart from other brands.

  • Heaviest frame sections available in the industry
  • The most accurate depth control available
  • Bearing housings precision machined from billet steel
  • Stationary gang axles
  • Gang axles manufactured from Bright steel
  • Unparalleled tracking accuracy
  • Re-greasable gang bearings with pressure relief system
  • Oil-Bath bearing option
  • Unrivalled level finish
  • Largest model range in the World (500 base models, thousands of variants)
  • Home of the widest (65'), heaviest (24t) and strongest Tandem disc ploughs in the world
  • The highest re-sale in the industry